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Shiloh Farms Spelt Pita Flat Breads

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Spelt Pita Bread

Who says the only way to eat a pita is to stuff it? I have used the Shiloh Farms Spelt Pitas to make a mean pocket sandwich, but my favorite way to use the Spelt Pitas are as a flatbread. The idea for a flat bread came from a regular  Shiloh Farms customer that uses our pitas to make little pizzas. If she can make a pizza, I could make a flat bread!

This is all you need:

1 frozen Shiloh Farms Spelt Pita
1 Tbsp of Olive Oil, or oil of choice
Small skillet

This is what I do:

  • In a small skillet, add 1 Tbsp of oil and heat on a low setting.
  • When pan is slightly warmed, add frozen pita to pan face down in oil. Cover for a few minutes until the pita is warm and flip to the other side.
  • Once pita is flipped, start adding the toppings! My usual toppings are shredded cheese, a little garlic powder and a blend of herbs.
  • Cover again to keep pita warm (and melt the cheese!) and turn the stove burner off. Keep the skillet and pita on the burner to keep toasting until the rest of the dinner is ready. Make sure to move the pita around in the pan a few times to keep from sticking. 
  • Total cooking time is 5 – 10 minutes depending upon how toasted you would like the flatbread. Slice and serve warm.

Beth's Notes:

These little flat breads go great with any meal you are preparing.  For me, they are not as filling as regular bread and are a healthy addition to any meal. I have an electric stovetop and this method works well for me. I would think it would be very similar for a gas stove.

  • Use the Shiloh Farms Whole Wheat Pitas in place of the Spelt Pitas.
  • For an Italian flair, try adding fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese on top. 
  • In the summer, experiment with fresh herbs and vegetables for a garden variety bread. 
  • Enjoy! 

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