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Naturally Gluten Free Statement

Naturally Gluten Free Statement

SHILOH FARMS understands the difficulties faced by those dealing with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity and remains committed to providing every customer, regardless of dietary restrictions, the best in wholesome, healthy foods. To ensure our continued ability to provide safe, high quality gluten free options, in 2015 we developed our LivPure Gluten Free Certification in accordance with federal regulations. We currently only offer a few items that are self-certified gluten-free under 20ppm through this program. 

At this time, many of the SHILOH FARMS offerings are naturally free of gluten and, whenever appropriate, we will package these items during our Naturally Gluten-Free Rotation. However, we cannot guarantee that any of our non-certified gluten-free products meet the strict standards required under Federal Law to be considered gluten-free. Please use your own discretion in deciding whether these products are appropriate for your consumption given your specific sensitivities. Each product packaged during this rotation will have the following statement added to its webpage:


Packaged as part of a naturally gluten free rotation in a facility that also handles wheat, sesame, soy, & tree nuts. The equipment and surrounding areas are carefully cleaned between rotations, as well as tested to 20 ppm before the naturally gluten free rotation begins. However, Shiloh Farms is not testing or certifying this product as gluten free. Please use your own discretion in determining whether this product is safe for your consumption.  Read about our cleaning processes & procedures here.

SHILOH FARMS will make every effort to provide you with the information necessary to make an informed decision. To review our Clean Processing Policy & Procedure, please click hereIf you have additional questions, please contact us.

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