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LivPure Gluten Free Certification

LivPure Gluten Free Certification


All products bearing the LivPure Gluten Free Certification symbol have been tested and certified by SHILOH FARMS Manufacturing (SFM) to be below 20ppm, in adherence with federal regulations established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. 

To ensure the quality of these products, SFM strictly adheres to the following testing and processing procedure:

Before any further processing is undertaken, all raw materials are batch tested using the ELISA testing method. If below 20ppm, processing and packaging may proceed as usual. Any materials testing above 20ppm are immediately taken off the production schedule and set aside for additional quality control testing. Depending upon the situation and need, appropriate quality control measures will be enacted to ensure a final product that meets specifications laid out above.

Testing results from each batch, including the batch lot number and a photograph of the test strip, are kept on file for 5 years from the date of testing.

To minimize any threat of cross-contamination, all gluten free items are processed in a dedicated gluten free area using dedicated gluten free equipment. View our complete Clean Processing Policy & Procedure here.

SFM adheres to all CGMP and HACCP standards. 

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