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Super Smoothie's

Super Smoothie's

A Delicious Fruit Smoothie

1 to 2 cups of your favorite milk or juice
2 scoops high Quality vanilla Protein Powder (preferably one WITHOUT aspartame or sucralose)
1 Banana
1/2 Cup Raspberries or Strawberries or other favorite fruit
1-2 TBSP Shiloh Farms Bee Pollen
1 TBSP liquid Honey, Option
You can add or subtract anything you like to make it your own special healthy drink

Blend until liquified, but don't over blend as some of the nutrients may be damaged or lost due to the heat of the blender.


A Healthy Vegetable Smoothie

Blend together until smooth:
several small Carrots
three sticks of Celery
a large Apple
a juicy Pear 
a Beet

a teaspoon of Shiloh Farms Bee Pollen
a scoop of Vanilla Powder

Puree for a minute or two.  You can always add more to it to make it your special smoothy.

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