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Essential Eating

Essential Eating

Essential Eating® Sprouted Flours

Create balance and harmony in your body with easy-to-digest Essential Eating® 100% whole grain sprouted flour from SHILOH FARMS. The proprietary Essential Eating® sprouting process converts natural grain starches into more digestable vegetable sugars. Vital nutrients become more easily absorbed by your body.  The result? Essential Eating sprouted grain flour digests as a vegetable. 
You'll notice the benefits in no time and soon, you'll be using SHILOH FARMS Essential Eating Sprouted Grain Flour in all your favorite recipes. sproutedpasta12oz.jpg

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ESSENTIAL EATING Sprouted Flours are exclusively used in these  products:


 SHILOH FARMS Sprouted Whole Wheat Pasta



sprouted-pretzel-seasalt.gifSHILOH FARMS Sprouted Whole Wheat
Hand-Rolled Hearth Baked Pretzels 

Sea Salt     Low Salt     Chia Seed

 Pancake & Waffle    Cornbread Muffin     

Learn more about cooking with sprouted grain flour in these fine books by noted author and cooking teacher, Janie Quinn.

You'll find over 100 delicious recipes using Essential Eating Sprouted Flour—from coffee cake to waffles.  Breads, muffins, brownies, pancakes and other baked goods made with sprouted grain flours are light-tasting, more nutritious and easier to digest.

For more information, visit the Essential Eating website.

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