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Non-GMO Statement

Non-GMO Statement

Although SHILOH FARMS understands and supports the Non-GMO movement, at the present time we have decided not to participate in the official Non-GMO Verification Program.  This is not due to any difference in ideology, but rather because most of our products, by meeting the stringent standards set by the USDA to become Certified Organic, are also considered to be Non-GMO.

The National Organic Program, the branch of the USDA responsible for regulating organic food, states that products may bear the USDA organic symbol only if 95% of their content is organic by weight (excluding water and salt.)  The remaining 5% must consist of ingredients permitted by the USDA and included on its National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances.  Currently there are NO GMO’s on this list.  Therefore, by being Certified Organic, over 75% of our products are Non-GMO by default. 

To view our 2017 Organic Product Verification Certificate, including a full list of our Certified Organic products, please click here.

Whether Certified Organic or not, we work to ensure that all of our products meet the highest standards and are GMO-free.  SHILOH FARMS follows strict guidelines directing which ingredients are and are not preferred for use in our all natural products. Nothing artificial or fake is ever added to our products, only simple ingredients that can be easily identified and understood by all.

With the increase in concern over food safety and quality, SHILOH FARMS joins with other Non-GMO companies in its desire to sell and promote clean, wholesome products.  While we are not taking part in the verification program at this time, we may revisit this decision in the future and will let you know if and when our position changes.  In the meantime, please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. 

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