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Commitment to Organics

Commitment to Organics

SHILOH FARMS is dedicated to bringing its customers superior quality products made from the purest ingredients available in nature. As such, we endeavor to use organic ingredients whenever possible, and over 75% of our products are Certified Organic by Pennsylvania Certified Organic. 

However, there are instances when Certified Organic options are not available or feasible. Whether due to cost, growing conditions, availability, or some other issue, for a small number of our products we are only able to offer non-organic versions at this time. Although these items are not certified, many still contain organic ingredients and meet the highest quality standards to ensure that they are all natural. Click here to read what "All Natural" means to us.

Please rest assured that we remain vigilant in looking for organic options and will make them available to you when they become available to us. In the meantime, we make every effort to properly communicate which products are, and are not, Certified Organic on our product pages and packaging. If eating organic is important to you, please take time to read the information provided and feel free to contact us with any questions.

To view our most recent Certificate of Organic Operation, please click here. To shop our full line of Certified Organic products, please click here.

Whether organic or not, SHILOH FARMS sets the most stringent standards in determining which ingredients are appropriate for use in our “All Natural” products. Nothing artificial or fake is ever added to our products, only simple ingredients that can be easily identified and understood by all.


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